Saturday, February 16, 2013


Pasta With King Crab Legs
I purchased a package of Tartufissima Barbaresco and Tartufo Pasta (Tagliolini Pasta with Barbaresco Wine and Truffle) at a specialty Italian shop one day because it looked like an interesting alternative to the typical pastas that I normally use.  And it was.   Later, I learned that this is the first pasta with truffle ever produced in the world. The high percentage of truffle in the dough gives the pasta a particular texture and enhances the taste of the truffle.  

The Ingredients
So what should I use as a topping? I decided to add more truffle flavor to it and used D'Artagnan's Black Truffle Butter to layer the flavor even more. Finally, I drizzled some black truffle olive oil on the finished dish. The "three" layers of truffle flavors were not overpowering and offered a nice subtle flavor of truffle.

Although the pasta dish is a full meal by itself, I served it with steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs. A Barolo wine was the perfect accompaniment. Of course, this is not one of those dishes to serve every day, but it is nice for a special occasion.
The Ingredients:
1/2 package of Tartufissima Barbarasco and Tartufo Pasta (Tagliolini pasta with Barbaresco Wine and Truffle) (serves 2)
1/4 teaspoon salt
1Tablespoon D'Artagnan Black Truffle Butter
1/2 Tablespoon unsalted butter
1/2 oz of Black Truffle Olive Oil
1 pound Alaskan King Crab Legs, steamed

Bring 5 quarts of water to a boil, add salt.  Add the pasta and cook for 3-4 minutes until al dente or still firm.  Melt the butters in a separate saucepan.  Drain the pasta and return it to the saucepan.  Combine the pasta and melted butters and toss over medium heat for about 1 minute.  Drizzle with black truffle olive oil.  Serve with toasted Italian bread that has been lightly coated with black truffle butter.
Finished Pasta

Steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs

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