Thursday, November 20, 2014


Whenever we hear Bloody Mary, our immediate reaction is a popular brunch drink served with vodka and tomato juice garnished with a celery stalk.  Although there are conflicting claims of who invented the original drink, it has become one which has evolved over the years and many variations have become prevalent.  This one, on the other hand, uses bourbon instead of vodka and it is garnished with duck (or turkey)bacon. 

Bourbon smoked pepper
1 lemon wedge
2 oz premium bourbon
4 oz tomato juice
2 dashes Tabasco sauce
2 tsp prepared horseradish
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

Garnish: Cooked duck bacon

Glass: Pint

To Finish:
Pour some bourbon smoked pepper onto a small plate. Rub the juicy side of the lemon wedge along the lip of a pint glass. Roll the outer edge of the glass in smoked pepper until fully coated. Fill with ice and set aside. Squeeze the lemon wedge into a shaker and drop the wedge in. Add the remaining ingredients and fill with ice. Shake gently and strain into the prepared glass. Garnish with the duck bacon.


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